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"John" Console Table

"John" Console Table

Stock No. TBA24

Price: £3,555
Country: France, 2010
Designer: Stephane Ducatteau
Dimensions: 90x110x30cm


All Ducatteau pieces are available exclusively from Decoratum and are To Order only. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Exchange rate fluctuations may apply.


Ducatteau is an artist and creator of contemporary furniture working primarily with sheet metal.

Although his furniture is about the aesthetic, he never forgets the functional aspects of his pieces. His approach is sculptural, using a pleasurable mix of ergonomics and curves to generate an emotional, almost sensual response in the viewer.

The metals Ducatteau uses, take on an almost ebony-like effect thanks to the well-worked patinas that he produces, often treating the metal with acids or minerals; each piece is produced to the same rigorous standards that you would expect from someone with the skills of a wrought iron metal worker combined with the impossibly high standards of an artist.

Ducatteau's background is not what you would expect from an artist, having initially studied engineering. However, over the course of several years he attended evening classes in Paris studying fine arts (drawing, painting, modelling, glasswork, etc) before obtaining a degree in Art Metalwork.

After working as an engineer in an architect's office, he made the decision to devote a full year to further training in the art of metalwork as he no longer wished to merely be a disassociated part of the design process; rather he wanted to be the process, involving himself in the entire project from concept to design to final realisation of the object.

His work has developed over time, moving from a more decorative style to simpler creations where he has distilled the very basic essence of design into deceptively pure, functional works of art.

A recurring device or theme of his work method is the accumulation or repetition of relatively basic elements whose very repetition creates a rhythm which provides direction for his creativity processes.

Ducatteau worked for several years in Roubaix in northern France out of a collective workshop before settling in Normandy in 2003.

He has a number of exhibitions and fairs under his belt as can be seen below.


May/July 2009 GALERIE EMEURAUDE, Le Touquet
June 2008 VIA, Paris (exposition des LABELS VIA 2008)
April 2008 VIA, Milan (exposition des LABELS VIA 2008)
Nov 2007 GALERIE LE FEUVRE, series limitees, Paris
May/June 2006 MAATGALLERY, Paris
Apr/May 2006 ROSELAND GALLERY, Toronto
April 2006 VIA, Milan (exposition des LABELS VIA 2006)
July/Aug 2005 GALERIE EMEURAUDE, Le Touquet
February 2005 Maison des architectes de Grenoble
July 2004 GALERIS S1LIVRE?, Villerville (14)
December 2003 CARREFOUR DES ARTS, Brecey (14)
Nov/Dec 2003 GALERIE Ateliers d`Art de France, Paris
April 2003 VISIONI, invite au sein de la selection franaise, Florence


2001 onwards MAISON ET OBJET / SCENES D`INTERIEUR, 2 fois par an depuis 2001, Paris
Jan 2005 Salon du meuble, Paris
Dec 2004/5 Design Louveciennes, Louveciennes
Dec 2005 RECUP, Paris
October 2003 HABITER, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris
Dec 2002 Salon des Antiquaires, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris
Dec 2003 Carrousel des Metiers d`art, Carrousel du Louvres, Paris

LABEL VIA 2006, pour les tabourets TAB
PRIX "DECOUVERTE" lors du salon Maison et Objet en Septembre 2002