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Low Centre Table with Heavy Glass Top

Low Centre Table with Heavy Glass Top

Stock No. 1961

Price: £1,250
Country: Italy, 1970s
Designer: In the Style of Willy Rizzo
Dimensions: 39x102x102cm


Low centre table in the style of Willy Rizzo. Rizzo made his name in the Sixties among Hollywood and fashion circles shooting iconic portraits of the era's big names that captured both the character and star quality of their sitters. Marilyn Monroe (who he famously shot at the nadir of her decline, just two weeks before she died) to Fred Astaire, Coco Chanel to Yves Saint-Laurent graced his lens and the resulting photographs gave Rizzo as much clout and status in the changing world of celebrity as the characters themselves.

With a string of global editorial titles on speed dial, Rizzo made the unprecedented decision to design furniture and while we obviously admire his photographic portfolio, it's his furniture designs that we find riveting. During the Seventies he designed several pieces of abstract modernist furniture, before giving up and returning to his photographic roots in the Eighties. It's hence no surprise that his furniture designs have become incredibly collectible, a product of their combined rarity and the design world's reignited passion for modernist furniture.