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"Elementi" Limited Edition Copper-Fronted Cabinet

"Elementi" Limited Edition Copper-Fronted Cabinet

Stock No. TBA9

Price: £9,750
Country: England, 2010
Designer: Andrea Felice
Dimensions: 124x120x37cm
Other Details: Please note that as each copper piece is hand finished, final colour and pattern may differ slightly from the images shown.


Please note that this piece is 'to order' only; allow 8 - 12 weeks. As each copper piece is hand finished, final colour may vary slightly from images shown.

Andrea Felice is both a designer and maker which means he has full control of the manufacturing process from concept to completion.

Andrea Felice was born in the village of Montegnacco, Italy which borders on the "Triangolo della Sedia" (triangle of the chair), an internationally acclaimed furniture producing area which produces 80% of Italian chairs.

He is the grandson of Ricardo Felice, an award-winning Baroque master carver and the son of Enzo Felice, furniture maker and Professor of Cabinet Making.

Andrea originally trained as an Industrial Designer at ITI A Malignani Udine, one of Europe's leading technical institutes but with such a woodworking heritage ingrained in him, it was not long before he returned to the "family business" in the early 1990s firstly as a carver and then as a furniture maker.

He relocated to London in 1997, initially working for local furniture makers before founding his own studio in 2000.