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"Mindful" Hand-Knotted Tibetan Rug

"Mindful" Hand-Knotted Tibetan Rug

Stock No. 1601

Price: £950
Country: Tibet/Nepal, Contemporary
Dimensions: x170x240cm


Tibetan Rug, hand knotted in Nepal using 100% wool and natural vegetable dye. Exquisite rug of pure Tibetan wool, silk, and pashmina. (M11 Mindful, M184). Tibet has a rug weaving tradition traceable back to at least the 11th century. The West's introduction to these beautiful furnishings came as recently as the 1960s when the Swiss Development Corporation set up four carpet workshops to support the then newly-displaced Tibetan refugees living in Nepal. It was here that Tibetan rugs were commercially produced for the first time outside of Tibet. The unique Tibetan double-knot weave combined with high quality Tibetan wool soon led to a wide market in Switzerland and Germany. By the early 1980s top American rug dealers, importers and interior designers started working closely with these highly skilled communities of rug weavers. Today these rugs are regarded as among the best available hand-made floor coverings. Unfortunately, due to this success, the description `Tibetan Rug` is now frequently applied to low grade imitations from other parts of Asia.