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"Backtoback" Unique Steel Mesh Sculpture

"Backtoback" Unique Steel Mesh Sculpture

Stock No. 238

Price: £2,495
Country: England, 1995
Designer: David Begbie
Dimensions: 83x36x21cm


Born in Edinburgh, David Begbie studied at the capital`s art school from which he emerged with a unique sculptural technique and the beginnings of a new visual language using steel-mesh.

Since his graduation in 1982 he has worked almost exclusively with the human form, primarily sculpting in steel-mesh but also producing monoprints, etchings, ink and charcoal drawings, mixed-media work and photographs.

His distinctive steel-mesh bodies display a fine sculpted detail of musculature and form which has been compared to that of Michelangelo and Rodin. In Begbie`s hands, the wire mesh is imbued with a liveliness and sense of movement that is further enhanced by the use of shadow play with strategic lighting once the sculpture is displayed.

Since 1979, Begbie`s work has been shown in galleries around the world and he has been commissioned to produce both interior and exterior installations for corporate buildings, museums, churches and as public sculpture. He also works on a range of collaborative projects with architects and interior designers.