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"Treasure" Oil and Pigment on canvas by Melanie Comber

"Treasure" Oil and Pigment on canvas by Melanie Comber

Stock No. 642

Price: £2,495
Country: England, 2005
Designer: Melanie Comber
Dimensions: 60x60xcm


Exhibited at The Fine Art Society in 2005. Melanie Comber (UK) gained an MA Painting at the Chelsea College of Art in 1994 after gaining a foundation Diploma from Maidstone College of Art and then a BA Hons from Wimbledon School or Art.

After leaving college, she exhibited at the Blue Gallery for six years until 2001 (and was short-listed for the Natwest Art Prize in 1997). During her time with the Blue Gallery, she had four solo exhibitions, the most notable being `Heavy Breathing` in 1998 and in 2000, 6633`N, 1801W based on her research in Iceland where she spent some time teaching at the Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts. Much of her time in Iceland was spent focussing on her desire to cross the Arctic Circle, a goal she subsequently achieved.

Her time in Iceland was also to provide the focus for various other exhibitions, including British Abstract Painting 2001, White Out in 1999, Line Up in 2001 and Balmy Daze in 2002. In 2005 she joined the Fine Art Society, London and has exhibited extensively with them in the UK and abroad including her solo exhibitions Long Distance in 2005, Snowglobe in 2007 and Day Tripper in 2008.

Her work is much sought after and can be found in many private and corporate collections such as Coutts, Deutschebank, and The David Roberts Foundation. She currently lives and works in London.