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"Tintin and Cow" Acrylic on canvas by Antonio de Felipe

"Tintin and Cow" Acrylic on canvas by Antonio de Felipe

Stock No. 556

Price: £4,500
Country: Spain, 2003
Designer: Antonio de Felipe
Dimensions: 110x110xcm


Antonio de Felipe (born Valencia 1965)

Even from a young age, this multi-talented young man had artistic tendencies which led him to study Fine Arts in Valencia. His work as an advertising agency creative designer during his studies undoubtedly influenced what would be his future pictorial style. He has been living and working in Madrid for over a decade.

During the twenty year span of his intense professional career, Antonio de Felipe has participated in over seventy solo exhibitions, both in Spain and abroad as well as many collective exhibitions such as "La Casa de Vacas" and "La Galleria Seiquer" in Madrid; "La Galleria Maria Jose" and "Castellvi" and "el Museu Picasso" in Barcelona? this list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the vast number of exhibitions where he has been featured.

In addition to his strong national and international presence, he has also participated in fairs such as ARCO, ART COLOGNE, ART PARIS, ART Brussels, ST-ART Strasbourg and KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) which are regarded as benchmark fairs for discovering the latest trends.

de Felipe has developed his extensive work in different series, many of which have become reference points making him one of the most imitated artists in the country. His most important series include LOGOTIPOS (Logos) which was devoted to the world of art and advertising which included works such as "la Infanta de Naranja" (the Orange Fanta Princess) and "El Buen Pastor con Norit" "(the Good Shepherd with Norit)"; VACAS (Cows), with pictures such as "la Vaca Vogue" or the sculpture "Vaca Coca Cola" CINEMASPOP was devoted to the world of cinema and where Audrey Hepburn was revived as a pop icon through his creations such as "Black Audrey" and "Desayuno con Diamantes para la Eternidad" (Breakfast with Diamonds are Forever) and POPSPORT, his latest works devoted to the world of sport in which de Filipe mixes the world of art and cartoons with references to various sports, such as in "Menina con Ch ndal" (Menina with Tracksuit).

The success of de Felipe's career has without doubt turned him into one of the world's most iconic pop artists; attested to by the fact that he is the only Spanish representative in the exhibition on Marilyn Monroe "Life as a Legend", which toured all the major European cities and the USA and is currently exhibiting in Canada.

As a multidisciplinary artist, de Felipe has not limited himself to just painting or sculpture in the strictest sense of the word, but has also shown his rare talent in other fields: He worked with Pedro Almod¢var in the film "Carne Tremula" (Live Flesh); he has created image merge transitions for Telemadrid and designed tableware for the firm Santa Clara as well as posters and album covers and worked with major publications such as ByN Dominical (Sunday magazine from ABC), El Pa¡s, El Magazine from el Mundo newspaper, Marie Claire, Elle, Que leer and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Antonio de Felipe's skill as a portrait artist should not be discounted either; one of his latest paintings, commissioned by the ABC newspaper, is a portrait of his Highness Prince Felipe de Borb¢n, to commemorate his fortieth birthday.

His work is currently exhibited in both public and private institutions such as el Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, el Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) (Valenciano Institute of Modern Art), the Sydney Besthoff Foundation in New Orleans, the Collecci¢ Testomoni from the Fundaci¢ La Caixa, the Carmen, Thyssen-Bornemizsa Collection, the Kneip Art Collection in Luxemburg, and the Montblanc Cultural Foundation.