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"Beach Hut" Oil on canvas by George Thomas

"Beach Hut" Oil on canvas by George Thomas

Stock No. 181

Price: £1,950
Country: England, 2001
Designer: George Thomas
Dimensions: 130x125xcm


George Thomas has fast established a reputation as one of the leading artist in his genre. With various one-man shows in the United Kingdom behind him, he now enjoys instant recognition and sell-out status.

George has developed a unique and personal style, initially influenced by artists such as Edward Hopper and Ralph Goings. Experimenting with the discovery of pure dazzling east coast light, his work has a strong, realistic and yet moody quality. He excels in his combination of great vision and technical mastery. This combination presents the viewer with a dream-like impression of something unattainable yet familiar.

The familiarity within his work stems from both his understanding of the subject matter and the way in which we, the viewer consume his art. His images present us with many real emotions: loneliness, happiness, sadness and contentment all project from his work in a way that we can almost touch, bringing us closer to the subject and to its painter.

His palette and technical approach are sympathetic and understanding. Our emotional involvement with his work only becomes apparent when we cease to applaud his technique, now concentrating on the subject and the reasons behind it. A single figure in a train station looks pensive and alone; a quiet boy looks forlorn while the bright colours of this work suggest something more optimistic. Contradictions appear relevant in many of Thomas` pieces, as they do in real life. We live in a life full of these very contradictions and perhaps George Thomas is suggesting that we look more closely at what we have and at the people whom we love and appreciate them to a greater degree. It`s the simple things that matter most.

George Thomas has already achieved what most can only dream of. We look forward with great anticipation to his continuing success in the knowledge that even greater things await this outstanding artist. His art now has an even greater following since the world-wide rights to print Thomas`s works has been given to the same publishing house that has made Jack Vettriano a household name.