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About Us


“In one weekend, I visited as many antique and vintage furniture dealers as I could find. Decoratum certainly stood out amongst the rest for its breadth of merchandise and consistent quality. Both before and after purchase, they were so accommodating and helpful regarding shipping, re-upholstery, and all the various other details that arise. They will forever be my first stop in London.”

Matt Grubar, Elie Tahari, New York

"Decoratum's eye for original pieces is extraordinary. Their furniture is always unique and high quality - a great combination."

 Calgary Avansino, Executive Fashion Editor, Vogue Magazine

The Decoratum Experience

Many people from all around the world visit Decoratum, often after reading about us in publications as diverse as 'The New York Times', Russia's edition of 'Harper's Bazaar' or London’s Wallpaper Magazine or perhaps after seeing us on TV. One of the most common responses, apart from "wow" is: "You should charge an entrance fee - this is better than any museum I have ever been to."Every person who visits us is greeted with a warm "hello" and is given the opportunity to browse our galleries without pressure although we are always on hand to offer expert advice or answer any questions. At Decoratum, we have over 65 years' experience in design.We know that not every visitor to Decoratum is a buyer, but every visitor is treated as if they were our biggest client.When you visit our galleries or our website, every piece is labelled with a description and a price; we don’t do ‘POA’. Unlike many galleries, we do not keep a 'secret' price list that is quietly referred to so there is no need for you to feel like you are being charged on the basis of how well dressed you are or which interior design firm you represent! All the information is available, up front, for an informative and transparent shopping experience.

As tempting as this may sound, we at Decoratum would never dream of charging because it would be contrary to one of our core beliefs: "Good design is not a luxury; it is an essential" and the more people who are able to Experience it in our galleries, the better. We have great design priced from £500 to £250 000 so everyone has an opportunity to take a piece home.

If we don't have what you are looking for or are unable to assist with an enquiry, we are always happy to refer you to someone who can, even if it means sending you to our competition! What is most important is that when you leave our galleries, you leave satisfied.

Service excellence is another quality you will find at Decoratum; another reason why we have such a large client base that returns time and again to buy from us. For example, 97% of all e-mail enquiries that we receive are answered on the same day; this increases to 100% within 24 hours.

We also keep all our clients fully informed during the buying process with regular updates on your purchase progress and shipping. We can arrange transport quotes and the shipping process on your behalf at no extra charge - just part of The Decoratum Experience.

What we believe in:

• Good design is not a luxury; it is an essential

• Carefully choosing each piece; if something does not sell in our gallery, would we be happy to have it in our own home? The answer to this is always "yes"

• Not being 'hung up' on designers or 'names.' While it is always good to have a piece by a famous designer with pages of provenance, we are more interested in the design itself; we have a number of items that we purchased without having any idea who made them because we fell in love with the design

• Providing our buyers with a large selection of excellent, quirky, unusual or unique designs

• Service excellence and an unforgettable Decoratum Experience